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abatement cost, minimization across sources
adobe acrobat
arbitrage trading, oil trader game
bi-proportional matrices, balancing via kuroda's method
btu, definition of
computational general equilibrium modeling
congestible goods
consumer surplus
ecn 431, undergraduate public economics
ecn 732, graduate taxation
eigenvalues, computing via software packages
energy consumption, us historical data
energy, assorted facts
energy, categories of use
fair-taylor algorithm
fishery management, greater tuna simulation game
fishery management, random shocks, herrings game
flash, checking browser support
gcubed model, documentation and information
gempack, demonstration version (link)
grades, syracuse university system
harberger model, implementation in ox
herrings, fishery simulation game
hotelling theorem, resource depletion
hotelling, original resource article via jstor (link)
icubed model, documentation and information
igem model, documentation and information
iowa electronic markets (link)
java, checking browser support
kuroda's method
lyx, home page (link)
macromedia flash, checking browser support
macrosoft, simulation game
marginal abatement cost, combining curves
marginal benefits
marginal social benefit, MSB
marginal social surplus, MSS
math, area of a triangle
math, fractional exponents
miktex, home page (link)
monopoly behavior
monopoly behavior, macrosoft game
newton's method, implementation in ox
nonrival goods
oiltrader, simulation game
ox, drawing graphs with gnuplot and gnudraw (link)
ox, home page (link)
ox, oxedit editor (link)
pareto efficiency
perl, description
perl, windows distribution (link)
permits, efficiency vs taxes under uncertainty
pgp, description
pgp, free versions for downloading (link)
pgp, public key for wilcoxen
ppa 723, graduate managerial economics
present value, formulas
probability, fundamental concepts
producer surplus
quadrillion btu, relative magnitude
rival goods
splurge, simulation game
taxes, efficiency vs permits under uncertainty
tex, information and resources
tuna, simulation game
uncertainty, taxes vs permits
us energy consumption
utility function parameters, splurge simulation game
wilcoxen, home page
wilcoxen, papers and software
wilcoxen, recent vita
willingness to accept and the supply curve
willingness to pay and the demand curve